The farms are located at an altitude of 2800 feet above msl. Thalavadi is one of the border firkas of Tamil Nadu located on the elevated Deccan plateau with the state of Karnataka as one boundary and the Thalamalai reserve forest as the other boundary


Historically, Thalavadi then known as Thalamalai was a favorite hunting ground for Maharaja Tipu Sultan; there are records of his famous tiger hunts in this area. This forest is connected to the Mudumalai and Bhandipur wildlife sanctuaries. It was in the recent years that these forests around Thalavadi were upgraded to Tiger Reserve status by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

Thalavadi was also the area were the infamous sandalwood smuggler Veerappan conducted his poaching operations and sandalwood theft.


Horticulture developed in Thalavadi since 1995, earlier the farmers were cultivating rain fed crops like Ragi, Gingelly and Corn. With the installation of large electricity substation in the year 2000 agriculture grew by leaps and bounds. Today the crops cultivated are Sugarcane, Potato chilies’, Cabbage, Ginger, Turmeric and the horticultural crops grown are Mango, Alma, Papaya and Chickoo.